Sonya is a London based family, portrait and music documentary photographer whose natural reportage observations of friends and family has brought exposure since the publication of Nashville, Behind the Curtain 2016.  Growing up on both sides of the Atlantic, she found her passion for photography at an early age, falling in love with the Country Music scene on her very first visit to Nashville. Sonya's commissions include "Rolling Stone," "Q" magazine, Warner Music, and Universal Records, as well as many fantastic projects for independent labels based both in the UK and the U.S. Traveling between LA, Nashville, and London, whether on tour with artists or with them in the studio, on set or at home with actors, Sonya always connects with her subject and consistently captures effortlessly intimate and spirited reportage.

Sonya’s approach to photography captures her subjects in a relaxed natural manner.  On family shoots Sonya establishes a rapport and connection with people of all ages and backgrounds and uses a "fly on the wall approach" to record tender moments and real family dynamics.  Spending time with you at home, in your garden, in the woods, at a party, on holiday or any special occasion Sonya always endeavours to capture something that is real and of lasting value to all family members.